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Paper Petitions

Each sitting day the Clerk announces to the Assembly the terms of any petitions lodged. Petitions that have been presented to the Legislative Assembly are called "paper petitions".

A copy of every petition lodged with the Clerk and received by the Assembly is referred to the relevant Minister. The Minister must respond to the petition within three months of the tabling of the petition. This is done by the Minister lodging a response with the Clerk for presentation to the Assembly and those responses are announced at the end of the petitions announcement.

No.SubjectNumber of SignaturesTabledReferred to MinisterResponded to Assembly
016-18Charnwood Group Centre—Recycling options20714/08/2018 14/08/2018 No
010-18Page—Active living options15710/04/2018 10/04/2018 Yes
006-18Mitchell—Light Rail Stop456020/03/2018 20/03/2018 Yes
005-18Downer Community Centre50322/02/2018 22/02/2018 Yes
004-18Greenway, Mortimer Lewis Drive—Provision of sun shade18520/02/2018 20/02/2018 Yes
003-18O'Malley—Proposed closure of public car park8114/02/2018 14/02/2018 Yes
032-17Draft Variation 34414930/11/2017 30/11/2017 Yes
031-17Torrens—Upgrade to playground71330/11/2017 30/11/2017 Yes
030-17Lake Burley Griffin and surrounds—Heritage protection74930/11/2017 30/11/2017 Yes
029-17Red Hill natural environment and surrounding existing green space—Integrated planning286230/11/2017 30/11/2017 Yes
028-17Red Hill natural environment and surrounding existing green space—Integrated planning25030/11/2017 30/11/2017 Yes
027-17Mount Taylor access—Improved motorist, cyclist and pedestrian safety from Sulwood Drive, Kambah24628/11/2017 28/11/2017 Yes
026-17Rerouting buses away from Anketell Street, Tuggeranong56228/11/2017 28/11/2017 Yes
023-17Gordon—Preddey Way, Clare Dennis Avenue and Lewis Luxton Avenue—Safety and protection of residents16326/10/2017 26/10/2017 Yes
022-17Bus service—Deakin and Kingston via Manuka43824/10/2017 24/10/2017 Yes
021-17Safe Schools Coalition program99824/08/2017 24/08/2017 Yes
020-17Higgins—Upgrades to playgrounds20317/08/2017 17/08/2017 Yes
017-17Advertising billboards3001/08/2017 01/08/2017 Yes
016-17Farrer—Development and implementation of a strategic plan for integrated, appropriate and environmentally sensitive community facilities37901/08/2017 01/08/2017 Yes
012-17Giralang community precinct—Revitalisation10711/05/2017 11/05/2017 Yes
011-17Public housing development—Darwinia Community Park, Chapman87210/05/2017 10/05/2017 Yes
010-17Public housing development—Holder72910/05/2017 10/05/2017 Yes
009-17Public housing development—Mawson16910/05/2017 10/05/2017 Yes
008-17Public housing development—Wright46410/05/2017 10/05/2017 Yes
007-17Arts funding51009/05/2017 09/05/2017 Yes

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