ACT Legislative Assembly

Paper petition

Subject:Speed limit signage Bateman St Kambah
Eligibility:ACT residents
Sponsoring Member:Mr Johnathan Davis MLA
Num of Signatures:12
Referred to Minister08/02/2022
Responded To:Yes

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TO: The Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly
This petition of certain residents of the Australian Capital Territory draws to the attention of the Assembly that: There are no speed limit signs on Bateman Street with many motorists assuming the speed limit is 60 km/ph. There are traffic islands at each end and painted lines on the street which indicate it is a major throughfare.

Bateman St connects Learmonth Drive and Boddington Circuit which are both 60 km/ph and have speed limit signs. The route Boddington, Bateman, and Learmonth is also a shortcut to the Tuggeranong Town Centre from Drakeford Drive to Athllon Drive. Motorists can avoid three sets of traffic lights with this shortcut.

Bateman St is especially busy in the mornings and evenings with commuter traffic. Many of the vehicles exceed the 50 km/ph speed limit believing the speed limit if 60 km/ph. It is also dangerous to enter Bateman St from the side streets due to the speeding traffic.

This installation of speed limit signs should be relatively quick and and easy task to complete. The installation of 50 km/ph signs would increase safety for residents.

Your petitions therefore request the Assembly to: call on the ACT Government to install 50 km/ph speed limit signs at both ends of Bateman Street, Kambah, facing both directions.