ACT Legislative Assembly

Paper petition

Subject:Antisocial tenants in Gordon
Eligibility:ACT residents
Sponsoring Member:Ms Nicole Lawder MLA
Num of Signatures:49
Referred to Minister10/11/2021
Responded To:Yes

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TO: The Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly
This petition of certain residents of the ACT draws to the attention of the Assembly that:

The public housing tenants residing in X XX GORDON ACT 2906 are causing considerable interference with the quiet enjoyment of our neighborhood.

• Continued aggressive, threatening and intimidating behaviour including:
o Multiple threats against the lives of residents at X XX;
o Antagonising residents of X XX through swearing (even at young children), taunting, revving cars, loud music;
o Antagonising members of the local community walking on the footpath at the end of X XX;
o Residents of X XX have Personal Protection Orders out of fear for their safety;

• Dangerous hoon driving including excessive revving, spinning tyres, speeding, burnouts. Local streets affected include:
o X XX, X XX, X XX, X XX, X XX

• Excessive use of a dirt bike on surrounding streets and footpaths throughout Gordon.

Police job numbers: P2009219, P20166832, P2010978, P2006346, P1906753, P1906559, P1907033, P1909119, P1929098, P 1927988, P1927988, P1928597, P1939042, P12006942, P2005415.

Residents have exhausted all options available through contact with Housing ACT, Local Members, Ministers and Police. This has caused unnecessary stress and anxiety for the residents of X XX and is impacting the health and well-being of families, including children and the elderly. The residents of X XX are not compatible with community living and their continued anti-social behaviours place us all in an untenable situation.

Your petitions therefore request the Assembly to immediately remove the tenants from our community.