ACT Legislative Assembly

Paper petition

Subject:Lighting of the Waramanga Playing Fields
Eligibility:ACT residents
Sponsoring Member:Dr Marisa Paterson
Num of Signatures:149
Referred to Minister09/11/2021
Responded To:Yes

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TO: The Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly
The following residents of the ACT draw to the attention of the Assembly:

demand for the use of the Waramanga District Playing Fields by the Weston Molonglo Football Club at night far outweighs the capacity of the four fields currently lit with floodlights.

The Waramanga District playing fields are considered the hub for the development of football players across the catchment of Weston Creek, Kambah, Molonglo Valley plus the suburbs of Curtin, Lyons and Chifley.

Accommodation for teams to play at Waramanga has been at capacity for the past five years.

Installation of an LED lighting system on the two remaining irrigated fields would be a suitable outcome to assist the club to:

a) accommodate the additional teams,
b) address anticipated future growth,
c) promote sustainable use of the multi-use fields,
d) distribute the wear and tear across fields, and;
e) provide incidental light coverage for the basketball courts and surrounding paths.

Your petitioners, therefore, request the Assembly to call upon the ACT Government to:

- install of an LED lighting system on the two irrigated fields at the bottom of Waramanga (between Arawang Primary and Mt Stromlo basketball courts).

- allocate sufficient funding for this project as soon as possible.

- provide assistance in co-ordinating the various government stakeholders ensuring swift approval of works.