ACT Legislative Assembly

Paper petition

Subject:Chisholm Village development
Eligibility:ACT residents
Sponsoring Member:Ms Joy Burch MLA
Num of Signatures:321
Referred to Minister20/04/2021
Responded To:Yes

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TO: The Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly
The following residents of the ACT draw to the attention of the ACT Assembly:

* That the Chisholm Village Shopping Centre is privately owned and leased by Ganellen

* Ganellen plans to build a drive-through major fast food chain outlet (McDonalds noted in plans), at the site of the existing Chisholm Family Tavern and public toilets

* The two previous petitions submitted to the Assembly in July 2019 and August 2020 opposing this development

* Ganellen has had two DAs refused and only recently through an ACAT appeal received a conditional approval – conditional on the sale of public toilets. And Government decision not to sell public toilets

* Media articles indicate that Ganellen will seek to have this decision overturned and have issued notice for the eviction of the Tavern operators

* Community interest in future development for Chisholm shops, and its opposition to this proposal that does not add value to the existing businesses or amenity of the area, rather the community consider it to be detrimental to local businesses and social good

* Community disappointment that rather than allow a viable existing or new tenant to continue to operate while alternatives are sought, that Ganellen would allow the space to become unused and potentially fall into a state of disrepair.

* The community’s interest in future developments in Chisholm Village Shopping Centre and the strong resistance to the proposed Das to demolish the Tavern and build a drive through [McDonalds].

Your petitioners, therefore, request the Assembly to call upon the government to recognise and understand continued community concerns surrounding this proposed development at Chisholm Village by Ganellen.