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Subject:Active travel funding in the face of a climate emergency
Eligibility:ACT residents
Sponsoring Member:Ms Caroline Le Couteur MLA
Num of Signatures:12
Referred to Minister26/11/2019
Responded To:Yes

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TO: The Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly
The following residents of the ACT draw to the attention of the Assembly that:

• on 16 May 2019, the ACT Legislative Assembly passed a motion acknowledging the climate emergency, which “requires urgent actions across all levels of Government”;

• the ACT has legislated target of zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, and that meeting this target will require a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from transport;

• Canberra wants to be Australia’s most walkable city, the cycling capital and an age-friendly city.

Your petitioners, therefore, request the Assembly to request the Government of the Territory to:

• set legislated transport targets that align with the ACT’s zero emissions targets;

• create an Active Travel Commissioner role to oversee the implementation of the ACT’s active travel policies, including targets;

• in the 2019-20 Financial Year, redirect funding from major roads programs to a major infrastructure program for walking, cycling and public transport;

• ensure all new buses purchased by Transport Canberra (including the 84 budgeted for purchase in 2019-20) are zero-emissions electric buses.

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