ACT Legislative Assembly

Closed e-Petition

Subject:Remove Moncrieff drying pad
Eligibility:Residents of ACT
Sponsor:Mr Andrew Braddock MLA
Principal Petitioner:Natasa Sojic
No. of Signatures:508
Posting Date:15/12/2021
Closing Date:09/02/2022
Referred to Minister:10/02/2022
Responded To:Yes

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TO: The Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly
The following residents of the ACT would like to draw to the attention of the Assembly:

A storm water sludge pit/ drying pad (the pit) between Moncrieff and Amaroo adjacent to the Mirrabei Drive / Wanganeen Ave roundabout.

After the sludge and rubbish is dumped and it dries out, the rubbish is not contained within the pit. Instead, the rubbish is blown all over the reserve ending up in the local waterways, especially impacting the plant life nearby such as grass and reeds. There are cement bollards encasing the pit, but they are not sufficient in containing the rubbish. The pits odour is also unbearable for residents, and, in the long run, this could affect the livelihoods and health of the nearby residents.

The entrance of the pit is a hazard. There have been several reports of near misses with the trucks accessing the pit on the Moncrieff Residents Facebook page.

Your petitioners, therefore, request the Assembly to call upon the Government to to make the following changes:

1. Temporarily effectively encase the pit so it contains the rubbish dumped into it.

2. Commission the removal of the pit to an area that is away from residential areas and closer to the landfill.