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Subject:Viable Public Transport for ANU
Eligibility:Residents of ACT
Sponsor:Mrs Elizabeth Kikkert MLA
Principal Petitioner:Deleted—SO 100B(d)
 Deleted—SO 100B(d)
 Deleted—SO 100B(d)
 Deleted—SO 100B(d)
No. of Signatures:1128
Posting Date:14/03/2019
Closing Date:20/03/2019
Referred to Minister:21/03/2019
Responded To:Yes

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TO: The Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly
The following residents of the ACT draw to the attention of the Assembly that the ACT Government’s new transport network removes the number 3 bus – a route that has serviced the ANU campus for many years, providing transport options to thousands of students who live in residence halls and others who commute to and from campus. This decision disconnects the ANU from Canberra’s wider public transport network.

Students will have to walk up to one kilometre to access the nearest bus stop. Those who must travel between the City Bus Station and campus will face a half-hour walk, including at night time.

This decision particularly affects students with disabilities and mobility issues, students living in self-catered accommodation, financially disadvantaged students who cannot afford cars, international students, and students with safety concerns, such as female and LGBTIQA+ students. It also impacts students with acute or chronic illnesses who need access to Canberra’s major hospitals, both of which are currently on the number 3 bus route.

Your petitioners, therefore, request the Assembly to call upon the government to:
1. reinstate the number 3 bus route; or
2. divert either the number 53 or another route to travel through the ANU campus via Daley Road, thus servicing the western portion of the ANU; or
3. work with the ANU to provide funding for a regular and reliable shuttle bus running within the ANU to the City Bus Station.

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