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About e-Petitions

Under standing orders an e-Petition is described as a petition:

  1. in the correct form, stating a grievance and containing a request for action by the Assembly;

  2. sponsored by a Member and lodged with the Clerk for publication on the Assembly’s website for a nominated period (“posted period”); and

  3. in which persons elect to indicate their support (“join the petition”) by electronically providing their name, address (including postcode), email address and signifying their intention to join the petition.

A Member of the Legislative Assembly sponsoring an e-Petition must provide the Clerk with the details of the petition in the correct form, the posted period and a signed acknowledgment that they are prepared to sponsor the e-Petition. Once published on the Assembly’s website an e-Petition cannot be altered.

Only one e-Petition dealing with substantially the same grievance and requesting substantially the same action by the Assembly shall be published on the Assembly’s website at the same time.

The posted period for an e-Petition is to be a minimum of one week and a maximum of six months from the date of publication on the Assembly’s website. Once the posted period for an e-Petition has elapsed, a paper copy of the petition shall be printed by the Clerk in full (including the details of the persons who joined the petition) and presented to the Assembly.

An e-Petition published on the Assembly’s website, but not presented to the Assembly prior to the expiration of an Assembly, may be presented to the subsequent Assembly to become a petition of the subsequent Assembly.

An e-Petition cannot be sponsored after the expiration of an Assembly and until the new Assembly has met and Members sworn.

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